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Hi!  My name is Corey and I am the founder of 
Money Counts Business Solutions. 

After over 30 years working as a financial administrator (bookkeeper, controller, treasurer, managing director, etc) both for my family owned business and that of several clients, I knew it was time to do something!  

I have watched so many colleagues start businesses only to have finances completely derail their efforts. Sometimes it was due to overspending. Sometimes it was because their business was simply not making any money.  Many times, however, it was because they had no plan to manage the money they were making. I have seen tiny business owners amass savings and buy a home for their family and I have seen seemingly successful businesses not be able to pay employees.

So what gives?

We all know that many people struggle to manage their personal finances. There are many books and websites dedicated to education about this. There is a movement to add more personal finance courses to high school curriculum. But that is where it seems to stop.  Stats Canada recently noted that over 2.8 MILLION (about 8% of the population) Canadians are owners of unincorporated businesses. That is in addition to those who own small corporations. That is a lot of people!!!

So where are the financial resources to help these entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers and small business owners? Good question! 

In 1990, I took my business degree (B. Comm, Economics and Entrepreneurship) and my experience as an insurance broker and a bookkeeper and used it to help my husband to start and build his first company.  With lots of trial and error and lots of hard work, he built a company specializing in air filtration - primarily in restaurants and bars in the Montreal area. As the industry evolved (smoking was banned), our company evolved and eventually provided a bigger diversity of equipment to those establishments. We also started a family.  While my daughter was young, I continued to manage the company's financial department, and with time on my hands, I dabbled in direct sales, gave a lot of time and support to volunteer organizations and took contracts to help small business manage their bookkeeping needs.  I established my bookkeeping company CJDJ Bookkeeping Services

In the mid 2000's, we sold his company and started in a new direction. Meanwhile, I continued to provide clients with bookkeeping support. More and more, I was asked to help write a business plan, set up a bookkeeping system, track their money, clean up and organize their paperwork.  I also got a lot of questions about how to set up bank accounts, make a budget, save money and manage irregular cash flows. More and more i found myself helping small business owners balance their personal and business finances.

Today, while I continue to provide accounting support to a small number of clients (I specialize in helping contractors, skilled tradespeople and landscapers), I spend more time pursuing my passion - helping want-to-preneurs launch businesses and business owners making their Money Count.

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Corey DeJean

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